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Mitsubishi 6.3kW Split System Air Conditioner Bronte Series

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Mitsubishi 6.3kW Split System Air Conditioner
Reverse Cycle. Bronte Series.
Energy Saving. Clean Air Technology.

Designed for heating and cooling smaller rooms
Supply only

$1,650.00 (inc GST)

Mitsubishi 6.3kW Split System Air Conditioner

Reverse Cycle
Bronte Series

Recommended by CHOICE, The Mitsubishi 6.3kW split system Bronte air conditioner offers the perfect heating and cooling solution for small to medium areas and rooms. Compact dimensions ensure this unit will fit easily into your chosen location. Engineered by award winning Italian designers, this air conditioner boasts a huge range of intuitive features.

With industry leading energy ratings the Mitsubishi 6.3kW Split System Bronte® is one of the most energy efficient split systems on the market.

Whisper quiet and incorporating a range of energy saving and convenient features and functions such as motion sensor, eco-operation and adjustable LED display the Mitsubishi 6.3kW Split System Bronte® split system air conditioner is perfect for smaller spaces.

Mitsubishi 6.3kW Split System

Key Features:
  • Highly efficient 6 star energy rating
  • Award winning, modern design
  • Energy saving motion sensor and eco operation as standard
  • Allergen clear system to eliminate airborne allergens and deliver clean air throughout your home
  • Improved auto mode allowing for precise temperature control


Cooling: 6.3kW
Heating: 7.1kW


Indoor (HxWxD): 339 x 1197 x 262mm
Outdoor (HxWxD): 640 x 800 (+71) x 290mm

Energy Saving

    Using fuzzy logic algorithms, the unit determines the operating mode and temperature settings automatically and adjusts the inverter frequency.
    Infrared motion detector that monitors activity within the room and saves energy by adjusting temperature setting accordingly. Automatically switches unit off after pro-longed periods of no activity being detected.
    Automatically adjusts the set temperature based on the human activity detected in the room by the motion sensor and switches the unit off when no activity is detected.

Clean Air

    Multi-stage operation that activates enzymes in the specially designed filter, neutralising and suppressing airborne allergens such as pollen, dust and hair.
    Captures airborne allergens such as hair, pollen and dust particles before neutralising them and any bacteria using specially formulated enzymes.
    Dries the indoor unit and filter, preventing the growth of mould. Designed to be run regularly after use.
    Easy to clean filter that catches airborne allergens and particles before neutralising odour causing bacteria within them.
    Removable front cover allowing access for easy cleaning and maintenance.
    Traps and removes air borne dust particles and other allergens, providing you with clean air throughout your home.

Mitsubishi 6.3kW Split System Maintenance

    Automatically activated during low ambient temperatures to prevent the frosting of the outdoor heat exchanger.
    If the remote control fails, the unit can be operated via an on/off switch on the indoor unit.
    In the unlikely event of a fault the internal microcomputer automatically runs a diagnostic of the system. This enables a service agent to quickly isolate and repair any issues.
    If there is a temporary loss of power, when power is restored, the unit will automatically restart in the same operating mode it was in.

Wireless Remote

  • Mode button to select from Cool, Heat, Dry, Auto or Fan Only
  • Hi Power mode to run the unit in a boosted power mode to quickly achieve the desired room temperature.
  • Allergen Clear function to neutralize and eliminate allergens caught in the filter, ensuring a clean air throughout your home.
  • Airflow Direction to adjust the louvres up/down and right/left angles or activate swing mode.
  • Weekly Timer to set up to 4 timer operations a day (max 28 per week). Once set, the unit will turn on and off at the specified times of the day repeatedly.
  • Eco Operation to save energy by automatically adjusting temperature based on human activity.
  • 3D Auto Mode button to activate the three independent air flow controls allowing for an even airflow to be delivered across the entire room.
  • Child Lock function to disable the controller and prevent inadvertent changes to the control settings from the youngest members of the family.
  • Night Setback to maintain your room temperature during cold conditions, even when the room is unattended.

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Data Sheet

Mitsubishi 6.3kW Split System
Bronte Series
Resverse Cycle

Mitsubishi 6.3kW Split System Data Sheet

Supply Only

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