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Use code WELCOME05 for 5% Off* your first order!
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Apricus Solar Hot Water 30 Tube/315L Electric Booster

Apricus Solar Hot Water 30 Evacuated tube and 315Ltr Tank with Electric Booster. Ultra efficient evacuated tube hot water system from Apricus. Reduce your energy bill today!

$3,650.00 (inc GST)

Apricus Solar Hot Water with Electric Booster

30 Evacuated tube and 250Ltr Tank with Electric Booster Apricus Solar Hot Water System

Supply Only. Customer to claim for the STC Rebate on their own accord. For supply and install inquiries contact Future NRG.

You can save money and reduce your household’s impact on the environment by installing an ultra efficient evacuated tube hot water system from Apricus.


  • Passive sun tracking
  • Highly efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance


1. Evacuated tube absorbed layer receives incoming solar radiation.
2. The absorber moves energy to the copper heat pipe where energy is stored by the working fluid.
3. The working fluid boils at approx 30°C, then turns to vapor and rises to the heat bulb at the top.
4. The heat bulb transfers energy into the water as it passes by through the manifold.
5. The vapor cools, condenses and returns to the base of the heat pipe where the process is then repeated.

The Apricus solar tubes hot water system comprises of a storage tank, with an Electric boosted storage tank evacuated tube solar collectors, and a solar controller and pump. A solar controller and pump will transfer cold water from the tank to the solar collectors to be heated and returned to the top of the tank. The solar controller then compares the water temperature in the collector to that in the tank. When the collector is hotter than the tank, it causes the pump to switch on, transferring the solar heated water to the tank. A booster is required to deliver hot water in times of low solar contribution or times of excessive hot water consumption.

Apricus evacuated tube collectors are designed for even the toughest Australian conditions. They passively track the sun for more hours of the day to provide greater solar collection. The evacuated tube collectors are highly efficient, lightweight and low maintenance.

Installation manual:

Electrical Boost 30 Tube 250L Tank with Electric Booster

Supply Only

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