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Use code WELCOME05 for 5% Off* your first order!
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Madimack Pool Heat Pumps

High Efficiency Pool Heta Pumps

Madimack Pool Heat Pumps

Are you looking for an energy efficient pool heating solution? Madimack high efficiency pool heat pumps are breaking the charts, exceeding the expectations of their users with their high efficiency inverter technology.


Madimack is Australia’s authority in Heat Pump technology, specialising in the delivery of premium, sustainable, electrical solutions to market. We believe in innovation without compromise, with a focus on engineering products that increase industry standards, drive technology, increase efficiencies and reduce Australia’s carbon foot-print.

Fully Australian owned and operated, Madimack was founded on 50 years of industry expertise and a rigorous commitment to ongoing research and development in technology and renewable energy. Today, via an integral combination of key national distributors and expert international partners, Madimack has both the access and insight to drive advancements in residential and commercial energy solutions for all Australians.

Madimack represents premium design, efficiency and smart-feature integration. Our products are supported by market leading warranties and unrivalled customer service, which, along with a singleminded focus on ‘driving innovation without compromise’, guarantees our clients the very best in energy solutions.

5 star rating

We cannot recommend it more! From our first point of contact, the whole process has been seamless and professional. The Madimack Heat Pump has heated our pool to 35 degrees and now we swim all year round. Absolute best investment you could make for your home. Can’t recommend Madimack Pool Heating enough, you will be impressed with their productfrom start to finish.
- David and Leah Campbell -

Madimack High Efficiency Pool Heat Pump
Madimack Swimming Pool Heat Pumps


Heat pumps work by transferring the heat from the air outside a heating unit to the water stored inside a heating unit via a ‘heat exchange system’ and then pump that heated water into your pool. Heat pumps are the most energy efficient way to heat your pool, using approximately one third of the energy used by alternative pool heating systems.

  • The benefits of Heat Pumps are various and include;
  • Source of renewable energy
  • Effective in low temperatures
  • High efficiency pool heat pumps
  • Convenient – no roof space or panels required
  • Ease of installation (uses existing connections)
  • High grade production and engineering means extended life spans & less maintenance
  • Safe (no combustion)
  • Supported by ongoing development and innovation

Heat pump technology is quickly becoming a leading global industry, heavily weighted as a solution for ‘net-zero’ targets. Developments are burgeoning domestically and internationally, driven predominantly by governmental policy and consumer demand for “net-zero” initiatives.

Madimack Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

A Madimack high efficiency pool heat pump is a lifestyle changer.
Providing the most energy & cost-efficient pool & spa heating year-round.


  • 10 year warranty on compressor
  • TüV Rheinland tested
  • High efficiency pool heat pump
  • WIFI included across the range
  • Patented quietest unit
  • Full inverter technology
  • Touchscreen easy to use controller
  • Night Mode
  • Built in flow switch
  • Dual defrost system
  • Titanium heat exchanger
  • Reverse fan for quieter operation
  • Compatible with Solar PV
  • R32 Eco friendly refrigerant
  • Latest electronic expansion valve


  • Free to use online calculator
  • Online warranty portal with 24-hour response
  • In depth installation and user manuals
  • Contractor installation, training and advice
  • Commercial energy modelling


  • Longer unit lifetime by up to five years
  • Higher efficiency than on/off units
  • Night mode and quiet mode built in
  • Soft start operation


The size of the swimming pool heat pump depends on various factors such as:

  1. Pool dimensions
  2. Swimming season (All year round or specific months of the year)
  3. Desired water temperature
  4. If the pool is covered when not in use
  5. Pool geographic location

Madimack offers three different types of high efficiency pool heat pumps for residential facilities – Elite Silent as the premium model, Summer Eco as the cost-effective model, and Eclipse as the space-saving heating and cooling system.

Inverter swimming pool heaters have an outstanding performance and warranty level compared to older technology. Madimack is the only heat pump manufacturer to offer a Performance Guarantee. 

All our heaters are tested by the industry-leading TuV Rheinland. A quality testing facility, known internationally.

Our performance guarantee means the kW we display is the kW you get. 

And with 25 years warranty on the titanium section of the pool heat pumps, you can be assured that the water chemistry does not affect it.

A gas heater’s initial cost is indeed cheaper than an electric swimming pool heat pump, however, the running cost of gas heating systems is up to 5 times that of an electric heat pump. 

Our pool heat pumps will save you money in the long run. On top of that, a pool heat pump’s lifespan is 3 times more than that of a gas heater. The maintenance costs are lower as well!

And, electric heat pumps can be powered by renewable energy systems including PV systems.

All Madimack pool heat pumps are equipped with a titanium heat exchanger, this allows the heat pump to heat any type of water such as chlorine, salt, and bromine which are the most common in the swimming pool industry. To give you an extra piece of mind, we offer 25 years of warranty on the titanium heat exchanger!

The Madimack electric pool heat pump units are weatherproof and are designed to go outdoors. They are built built with a marine grade aluminium alloy to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions including heavy rain and wind. 

The swimming pool heating system will run for different amounts of time depending upon the size of the pool and unit installed, the time of the year and the location.

On warm sunny days in summer, when the pool is up to room temperature, the heat pump may not need to run for more than 1-2 hours. But as the colder period starts to arrive it may need to run up to 8-10 hours.

A heat pump can run for up to 24 hours a day but we recommend not going above 16 hours as you should be able to get the required temperature within the 16 hours if the unit you installed is the right one for your specific pool conditions – Some days/ weeks may be excessively cold and may require more hours to run.

A Tip: Always oversize when purchasing a pool heater. An undersized pool heater takes longer to heat and cost more money to operate. Undersized heaters may have to run for 24 hours a day and may still not give you the desired temperature.

The ideal swimming temperatures are estimated to be between 26 and 28 degrees.

  • Extends the swim season
  • Is more enjoyable to swim in
  • Can be used for exercise or therapy
  • Warm waters are stress reducing
  • Great for muscles and joints
  • Increases property value
MADIMACK Pool Heat Pumps

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